Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Aaaaaaaaaaaaargghhhh!!!!!  I'm so frustrated.  Now it's back to Maui in our minds.

Aaron, who rarely speaks up about his wedding preferences, just voiced to me his strong desire to get married in Maui. Airlines be damned!!! Which is fine with me because I wasn't too thrilled with all the Los Angeles venues except one which my mother (read: financier) wasn't too thrilled with. 

But planning a wedding Maui means all of the following:
-worrying about forcing our families to spend a lot of money
-trying to find a time where it is affordable with still with good weather conditions that all our close family members have available
-finding a location without being able to check it out (the most frustrating thing for me)
-dealing with the fact that most of our close friends won't be there 

It's looking like October is pretty affordable and there aren't as many tourists and when we were there last year the weather was pretty good, there was more rain than I liked but it was generally over in minutes. But then there's the fact that October was when Aaron was attacked by a shark! He's said previously that we would rather NOT get married there in October, but it's looking like the best choice right now. Maybe early October would be a good compromise. 
I'd love to go to Maui to check out a location and get a plan (and a DATE!!!) all together but now the prices are starting to sky rocket and I can't afford the airfare again until October.

So once again i say Aaaaaaaaaaaaargghhhh!!!!!

Has anyone else out there ever flip-flopped this much on their wedding location?

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